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Homemade Food for Your Best Friend Delivered Right To Your Door

Pet Wants Rehoboth Beach
  • 10 March 2017
  • Pet Wants

In Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, there exists a local branch of pet food company Pet Wants. It is owned and operated by Matthew and Gretchen McKay, and their mini labradoodle,
Sunday, who is the spokes-dog and face of the business, as well as the reason they decided to take it up in the first place. They decided to try out Pet Wants’ brand and see how Sunday took to it, and after a month, Sunday had a healthier coat, more energy, and a better attitude.

The Rehoboth Beach Pet Wants makes small batches of dog and cat food on order, allowing them to send it out while it is still fresh and nutritious, and they do it by slow-cooking equally fresh and all natural ingredients. Gretchen, who has a degree in dietetics, notes that pets are just like people: they have to eat healthy to be healthy. Pet Wants is as close to homemade as anyone can get without doing it in their own kitchen.

Every different formula lists every one of the ingredients, a nutritional chart, and a comprehensive list of vitamins and minerals. Recommended feeding instructions are also posted so that an individual can get a ball-park of how much to feed their pet when they start on the Pet Wants flavor of choice. But no one has to order a whole bunch right away, especially if they don’t know what flavor their pet will like the best. Rehoboth Beach makes sample packets just for the purpose of experimentation!

In addition to doing proper food, Rehoboth Beach also does homemade dog treats: beef jerky strips, which sell for as little as ten dollars for a three-ounce package. Dog treats usually aren’t made here in the US, but Rehoboth Beach sources their beef steak locally and only uses what would qualify for human consumption, thus ensuring even the snacks are top of the line nutrition.